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Dasyatnya Terjangan Tsunami Jepang

Gempa berkekuatan 8,9 Skala Richter yang mengguncang pesisir timur laut Jepang di Kepulauan Honshu, memicu gelombang dahsyat tsunami setinggi empat hingga 10 meter. Foto-foto ini menggambarkan betapa luar biasanya kekuatan tsunami yang menyapu rumah, kendaraan, bahkan bangunan bertingkat yang ada di pesisir timur laut Jepang.

Gelombang Tsunami menerjang pemukiman penduduk di wilayah Natori, Miyagi, Jepang setelah sebelumnya diguncang gempa bumi berkekuatan 8,9 skala richter, Jumat (11/3). Foto: AP Photo/ Kyodo News

Bandara Sendai, Miyagi, Jepang diterjang oleh tsunami setelah sebelumnya diguncang gempa bumi berkekuatan 8,9 skala richter, Jumat (11/3).(AP Photo/Kyodo News)

Pesawat ringan dan puluhan kendaraan hanyut terbawa gelombang tsunami yang menerjang Bandara Sendai, Jepang bagian utara. Foto: AP Photo/Kyodo News

Rumah, mobil dan puing-puing hanyut diterjang gelombang tsunami di wilayah Kesennuma, Miyagi, Jepang. Foto: AP Photo/Keichi Nakane, The Yomiuri Shimbun

Kebakaran besar melanda kilang minyak Cosmo di kota Ichihara di prefektur Chiba dekat Tokyo. Kebakaran dipicu gempa berkekuatan 8,9 skala Richter yang mengguncang Jepang. Foto: AP Photo/Kyodo News

Warga mengungsi ke tempat yang tinggi untuk menghindari terjangan gelombang tsunami di wilayah Kesennuma, Miyagi, Jepang bagian utara. Foto: AP Photo/Keichi Nakane

Gelombang tsunami membentuk pusaran di wilayah Ibaraki, Jepang. Foto: AP Photo/Kyodo News

Tsunami yang dipicu oleh gempa bumi berkekuatan 8.9 SR menyapu sepanjang pantai Iwanuma, Jepang bagian utara. Foto: AP Photo/Kyodo News

Worried Japanese Supplementary Tsunami

9.0 Richter Scale earthquake which triggered the tsunami waves as high as 10 meters in Japan comes from the segment of Miyagi Oki. The researchers are now worried there is still the next big quake is believed to have greater power than the previous earthquake.

On Monday (14 / 3), a new three-meter high tsunami was rolling toward the coast of northeastern Japan is destroyed by a similar disaster on Friday. Japanese authorities say, the new tsunami will reach the coast within a few minutes.

Waves can be seen from a firefighting helicopter belonging Fukushima Prefecture, according to television reports. Meanwhile, NHK television said around 11:20 local time (or 09:20 pm GMT) tsunami will occur within 15 minutes. Sea levels are seen receding in Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Honshu Island, a phenomenon that usually happens before the devastating tsunami waves.

Earlier, an earthquake occurred off the coast at about 140 kilometers (87 miles) northeast of Tokyo. Gempat shook tall buildings in the capital city of Japan, but the authorities did not issue a tsunami warning. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), gempat the magnitude 5.8 and centered at a depth of 18 kilometers.

Miyagi Oki Segment

According to experts paleotsunami (ancient tsunami) from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Eko Yulianto, researchers have estimated there could be a larger quake to come from other segments, the Tokai segment. "In about 1979, the Japanese government announced a major quake would soon occur above 8 on the Richter Scale. quake was derived from the Tokai segment," said Eko, Monday (14 / 3).

According to Eko, a researcher at the Research Center for Geotechnology LIPI. The exact position, Tokai segment located south of Miyagi, still on the island of Honshu. Strength of the earthquake that occurred on Friday at 14:46 local time, outside estimates. Included in the cycle of 30 years, this quake was actually predicted. However, the researchers did not think his strength sedahsyat yesterday. Originally, they only expect around 7.5 to 7.6 magnitude.

The cause of the earthquake in Miyagi is subducting oceanic plate (pressing) and then stab down the continental shelf. Consequently. depressed the continental shelf down. According to Eko, the pressure that produce a collection of energy and "when a collection of energy that can not be accommodated by continental crust, it will return to the top."


Large waves were detected off the coast of Japan, according to Japan's meteorological agency will not sign a new tsunami or large waves. Japanese authorities have ordered evacuations in some parts of coastal areas that have been shattered, following the initial report and observations alut water immediately receded in Iwate Prefecture and Aomori, a phenomenon that normally would be accompanied by the tsunami.

A Japanese meteorological agency official told AFP, "Once we detect the earthquake, the agency issued a tsunami warning baika or hazardous conditions, but no earthquake monitored." He added that a number of systems of offshore monitoring Japan's meteorological agency is fragmented due to catastrophe last week.
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