Exotic DEBU


Soothing and Relieving . . . The feeling arise when we hear this group sings their song. DEBU poetical lyrics giving us a sense of tranquility. DEBU's music is a lively blend of strings and percussion, with accompanying lyrics in several languages. In terms of (a) music genre, DEBU's music would have to be called world music, simply because of its varied nature, lack of adherence to any one concept, and the use of ethnic instruments. DEBU's brilliant fusing of East and West, traditional and contemporary, acoustic and electric, yields a unique sound, laced with familiar yet exciting elements. DEBU is a breath of fresh air wafting through the world music scene. DEBU's style and sound are a rich and colorful tapestry of East and West, traditional and modern, with a hint of Latin and a touch of jazz.
Consist of 19 personnel, mostly was born in the United States of America, DEBU is a new phenomenon in Indonesian music. DEBU takes its name from Indonesian and Malay "Dust". The name gives meaning that "Man cannot escape the truth of his most humble origin that he was created from the dust of the earth. We are not worthy of traveling this path. We are simply dust upon the road."
Just as they said in their official website, most importantly for DEBU is that the music is a means for the transmission of this universal message with the hope it may awaken in the hearts of those who listen to it a love and a longing and remind them of their noble origin. Their long-awaited message of love and peace is not new; to them it is the essence of Islam, the Sufi way.
If you want to know more about them or simply just want to listen to their music, just visit their website Debu Official Website.

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