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Or do we deserve to congratulate each other on this occasion? Did we achieve much as an ummah? As we enter year 1430H, our fellow Muslims in Palestine are being slaughtered mercilessly by Jews leaving 300 Palestinians dead. That was only the result of 2 days air raid, and the ground invasion will start soon.

What a new year gift by Bush to all Muslims, and what a welcoming act by Obama, who considers Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

No point of celebrating 1430H. Time to look 60 years back to 1948, where Youm alNaqbah started.

Let's compare photos on the left with those on the right hand side. There are very much similar after 60 years.

'And do not be of broken hearts and do not grieve; you will win if you are firm believers'.
-Ali Imran 3:139

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